A Military Veteran
On A Musical Mission...

A Musical sharpshooter from his days on the sands on Iraqi this songwriter and rising son from the multi island nation of Bahamas, IBRU has been quietly and patiently carving out a space for himself among the crowd and is already building a solid secure fanbase that continues to grow with every new release, that is a delicate fusion of Dancehall, Soca, and Afrobeat creating a soundscape uniquely his own.

IBRU, is a Caribbean-bred US-based artist known for his unique fusion of dancehall and pop style hooks, has announced the upcoming release of his latest single "Lady of My Dreams".The highly anticipated single is set for release in on April 14th, 2022 and is executive produced by his own Kohanim Record under the guidance of Miami-based production house Radical Roots.

Ibru's style and lyrics reach out to his audience, bringing a fusion of dancehall and pop-style hooks to a variety of dancehall riddims.His lyrics show his down-to-earth and real nature, connecting with the musical lovers and audience of all ages, as well as the more mature crowd who can relate to the robust palette his music defines.

Latest Releases..

Upcoming Release Nov 4th

Set for release on all major platforms on Nov 4th. My Shield is the latest cut from IBRU produced by Kohanim Records.

My Shield Visualizer

IBRU's latest release is adro-caribbean driven song of spiritual inspiration with a narrative that will speak to the heart of every listener.

Lady Of My Dreams

The Lady of My Dreams project has hit 80,000 Spotify Streams since its release thanks to fans from all over the world..


A thought provoking collaboration with Javinci a musical creative considered one of Jamaica's most respected songwriters and stage performers.

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